Small and compact: fits on all coloring stations

Dispenses any size sheet foils up to 9"x6"

Dispenses various types of foils: Smooth, Textured and Windowed foils

No electricity required


INTRODUCING the world's first simple
yet ingenious highly effective foil
dispenser: the Foil Assistant®

The Foil Assistant® will pick up and
"hand" you your foils for ease of use.
No more frustration from handling
foils that are difficult to grab and
foils that stick to each other.

Now you can effortlessly handle foils
and increase productivity when
highlighting your clients' hair.

Many professional hair colorists have tried the Foil Assistant® and now
they can't work without it. It is the only foil dispenser that makes
handling foils a pleasure, saves you time and with no stress.




This product is something I felt for many years is a needed tool in the
hair color industry. So I invented the foil assistant. Through testing and testimonies we found that it saved the colorist 10 to 15 minutes on an individual highlighting appointment. This tool lifts only one foil at a time by one simple tap on the arm. The hair colorist now has extra time to book at least an extra highlight appointment on his/her daily schedule.
The Foil Assistant is able to use any foil up to 6x9".

This tool will pay for itself on the first day of use.
There is definitely no tool on the market like it, patent pending.
FaBella International - "Foil Assistant" Product - Patent No.: US D587,759
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